Plant-LabelPassionate Users of Demeter

Demeter Plant Recording is a dedicated team led by David and Marjorie Goodchild; Plant Heritage National Collection Holders for Herbacious Potentilla.  David has been part of the Demeter project from the start, working with the National Lottery, English Heritage and the National Trust for Scotland to develop a deceptively simple tool to support data collection for plant conservation.

David and Marjorie use Demeter to record and monitor progress of plants across their garden and small nursery; listing the source, location, growth, flowering, reproduction and the occasional death (or mysterious disappearance) of individual accessions.   Demeter keeps track of when and where each accession was acquired, where it is planted and collected data about the plant’s behaviour and growth.

David passionately believes in the conservation of plants and gardens and has continued his work to develop and expand the use of Demeter as an essential tool to help this conservation, in the legacies of estates, maintained gardens and plant collections.