Plant Heritage LogoThe Demeter Story So Far

The Demeter software was originally  developed by NCCPG Plant Heritage to provide their National Plant Collection Holders with a means to record their collections.  A wide range of Collection Holders were involved in its design and it is suitable for all kinds of plants in all sorts of gardens.

DemeterPRLogoDemeter has always been available to the National Plant Collection Holders but other horticulturists had to find alternative solutions to their plant recording needs.  Over the years passionate horticulturalists have asked about the software and so the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens (NCCPG), trading as Plant Heritage,  have granted Demeter Plant Recording a sole licence to manage, promote and distribute Demeter.

Inspired by the sort of stand-alone databases built by many of us in our own homes, sheds and gardens, Demeter uses a complex data management system (SQL) to allow plant collectors of all sorts to maintain, manage and standardise information on their plant materials.  Now that is starting to be used more widely by individuals and organisations, Demeter has been moved over to the dedicated Demeter Plant Recording team to develop and support the software in the longer term.