Demeter Plant Recording Software

Demeter Plant Recording Software on General Release

Demeter Plant Recording LogoThe Demeter Plant Database – Plant Recording Software has long been used by National Plant Collection Holders to record and help conserve their collections.  Now thanks to an arrangement between Plant Heritage and Demeter Plant Recording we are delighted to announce the availability of this software on general release.

Demeter is pre-installed with the latest RHS Approved Plant Name List and so adding accurate records is a snip right from the start.  Whether you are a National Collection Holder, a private collection holder or you work with a  botanical garden or public parks & gardens,  Demeter works for you straight out of the box.  The flexible nature of the software means that it works seamlessly on stand alone systems or as part of a multi-site, multi-user network.

Some of the details that Demeter records are:

  • plant names in correct taxonomic format including synonyms and common names.
  • Garden locations and planting history
  • Sources of plants including wild collection data
  • Images, documents and descriptions
  • Herbarium records
  • Attributes, measurements and observations
  • Propagation and Stock

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